Thank God, it’s Friday.

Despite the fact that I get to wear jeans, to my normally business casual job, today, it thrilled me to realize it was Friday this morning. Not because I have big plans, not because I have plans out to get hammered tonight, which I should, not because there’s something special happening……But because there is not. a. damn. thing. planned.  Those, my friends, are the weekends I live for. Tuesday nights is my Intro to Business Admin class, which is alright, but can be grueling at times, but it’s a pre-req. Sunday-Thursday I have to take my husband to and from work, because have one vehicle is that only cost effective thing for us to do right now since we both live five minutes from our jobs. Usually on Saturdays my friends have a slew of things planned for me. A slew I tell you. And most of them, ok, if not all of them, involve intoxication and an excessive amount of picture taking.

This weekend there is none of that planned. I’ll probably get the stroller out, pop my three and a half year old in it and go for a three mile walk with my friend, Keri. With whom I promised to start doing a weekly walk with her. But really — that’s only a minor blip on the sole fact that this weekend is going to give me the opportunity to vacuum, do laundry, pre-cook some meals for the week (since its more timely for us to just be able to heat it up), organize Rhiannon’s closet, wash the bedsheets, homework, sweeping, put away all said laundry…

Wait just a minute………….. fuck.

So much for having nothing planned.


One thought on “Thank God, it’s Friday.

  1. LOL. I know I always look forward to those weekends when there is nothing on the adgenda, then I end up filling the day with chores. Oh well, at least you’re accomplishing something, and not spending any money to boot.

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