Weigh in: Week 4 Completed: 13.5lbs Total

15lbs Lighter!

So this is me. 15lbs lighter than I was six weeks ago. I lost a little bit of weight before I started Weight Watchers online, and then decided on 9/11/07 it was time to step up my game and join the site and learn all about points and how to calculate them and gather mass amounts of knowledge and resources for me to learn how to eat better.

I wasn’t ever really an over-eater. I was an I have a toddler so I’m going to eat whatevers quick and easy no matter how fattening/calorie chocked it is eater. Or how about this one an I’m going to eat whatever incredibly fattening foods that my eternally thin highly metabolized husband eats. Somehow it wasn’t working out  for me.  Yeah, crazy, I know.

 But since I started Weight Watchers it is the first “diet”, ok, they teach you that it’s not and it really isn’t, but for those of us who have tried all sorts of things, yes, it starts out sort of as a “diet” then gradually morphs into something else, something ingrained something more permanent–since I started I have continuously lost weight every week as I weigh in on Monday’s. My previous sizes no longer fits right. I have to hold onto the belt loops in back when I run up the stairs or jerk them up immediately after sitting down. I slipped back into a pair of grey Rampage slacks that I positively LOVE LOVE LOVE and they fit comfortably on me and they are two sizes smaller than the most recent pair of jeans I bought.

Hello World, this is me. My goal is to be down 30 pounds by Christmas. However, getting pregnant MIGHT throw a wrench into that wheel, assuming that happens sometime soon (I’m getting impatient ya little swimming bastards). Either way I’m going to be thinner and healthier when the time does come.

I’ll post one of these entries on Mondays when I weigh in. 

 Much love,



2 thoughts on “Weigh in: Week 4 Completed: 13.5lbs Total

  1. I just started WW myself and please please please tell me it gets easier! I’m in week 2 and almost killed myself this weekend for forgoing the counting points when I made a trip to Vegas. I ate everything in sight! I’m so worried that the holidays are going to do me in! Congrats to you though for staying strong.

  2. Congrats. I’ve been trying to make small changes, and have lost 20 pounds in the past year. Nothing major, but I’m not really trying that hard either.

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