I love to do these, I love to post little snippets of conversations I’ve heard that sound questionable and are actually really funny, especially when typed.

 I promise you guys will love these, I can only post these as I gather such questionable snippets so if I don’t post one for a while. I’ll always use the “Overheard” categories but I’ll add on “In the Office” or “On the Streets” or whatever, depending on where I hear it.

I won’t post anything I heard from people who work in my office, for privacy reasons and since some of them READ this blog, but we do share a building with people and there is lots of foot traffic and a lot of the things I’ve heard people talking about on the catwalk above me is, really, really, really funny. I guess people in the loft think that when they are jaunting through the lobby up there that I can’t hear them down here. Like they’re in their own little world.

“What the fuck is that? A run off ditch? A shit creek? You know the kind where they dump the waste from your crapper and mixes it into water and throws it off in a creek someplace? Seriously”  He points out the window behind me at the pond, talking to another person standing next to him, which essentially serves as a flood deterrent, so yes a run-off of sorts.  I look up at the man and he notices my desk is righ below him and he goes “Fuck. I mean, Woops, I’m sorry, Ma’am.”

Why in the hell would you talk like that at your job?  We work in an office building not freakin’ pub. LOL

This is one from a couple weeks ago at the college:

A guy is leaning against the wall talking on a cell phone, he appears to be about late twenties early thirties, and it’s pretty obvious that he is that age, and not younger. He is arguing on the phone with his mother.

“I told you I’d be home at 10:45. It takes me that long to get home! Mom, seriously, I’m not going anywhere afterwards. I’m coming straight home. MOM!!!! I am not lying!! Call my professor and ask him. Can we for real not do this today? MOM!!!” At this point he is nearly yelling into the phone and wiggling around looking like a five year old about to have a fit. Then OUT OF NOWHERE and after about thirty seconds of silence he blurts out. “NO I HAVE NOT BEEN GAMBLING!!!! GO TO THE FREAKING CASINO AND ASK THE SECURITY GUARDS HAVE THEY SEEN ME THERE!”

Ooooohk, buddy. Issues.

Alrighty, that’s it for this week, tonight, not as lax as last weekend, going out tonight with a few friends. I’m hoping it will be fun, it always is with K and J. We have great fun and I’m like the paparazzi with my camera so I always snap some hilarious shots. K and J are used to it. K rolls his eyes at me when I pull it out, and J poses. It’s great, we have a system.

Light Beer all around tonight,(well for me at least, hey I’ve got points to stick to) and maybe a shot or two. Have a safe Friday night, check back in tomorrow or monday if you will, tell me all about your awesome weekend!



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