Weigh in: Week 6

I weighed yesterday and I was down 2.5 pounds in a week after last weeks stagnant weight, a 2.5 drop is exactly what I needed.

 I’m so happy to see the pounds dropping off, I’m finally really starting to like my body and not be self concious when I’m out with people or around the opposite sex. I notice more attention from the opposite sex. However, surefire sign that they like me only for my ass and not my inner self as a whole like the hubby does. , which, Ladies, read this right here, is not your soulmate. Your soulmate is the one who met you when you were fat and still loved you and thought you were sexy. Not the guy who suddenly gives you attention when you’ve lost twenty one pounds.  /End Soap Box.

I really am proud of myself though.. I’ll take a picture as soon as my desktop PC at home gets fixed by the hubster, its apparrently very sick and in need of a reload of windows. Blah. So it’s time to give it a fresh start, when my hubby gets around to it.

Two notes:

To the guy who walked across the catwalk fifteen minutes ago, I saw your reflection in the glass, I know what you look like and you just breezed through and farted like there was no tomorrow, do you forget that there is an entire lobby where I sit underneath said catwalk.

And I think every entry I’m going to post the latest search engine terms at the bottom and the ones who spark my interest I’ll write a post about or discuss.

 Most Recent Search Engine Terms:

  • “marrying an ex-con”
  • “ex is getting married”
  • “supporting you while following your dreams”
  • “dreams of sanity”




One thought on “Weigh in: Week 6

  1. You are seriously working in the wrong place when dudes can drop like from above.. Gonna mail you a crash helmet and face mask.. that should help.

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