With Sweaters.

In my time of depression, i.e. as we speak, I find that the only way to make myself feel better and make it through the week is to spend money on either home decor or clothing. Is it so wrong to admit that (like any drug) when I’m shopping I can make it all go away knowing I am about to purchase the cutest sweater, ever. Yes, EVER.

I ❤ This Sweater   in Grey! and wouldn’t it look absolutely adorable with this purse ? In Heather Gray too!

And in reality, when I’m feeling so down and out, I do things like spend thirty dollars on paint, even if money is the thing I’m feeling depressed about, and paint a room or something. Buy a throw blanket for my couch. Another souvenir plate for my kitchen wall, whatever, really, I feel like this “stuff” is going to make me feel  better. While it does, for a little while when I’m purchasing it or, when I wear it for the first time next day…but it truly doesn’t take the pain away. It doesn’t take away the feelings of failure, it doesn’t drown out the feelings of being inadequate. Because it’s just “stuff”. It can’t fix it. It can’t make the money be there when you need it. There are times when I’m not feeling blue and I’ll buy things just to make me feel good about myself. Like the $48.51 I spent on Victoria’s secret “Very Sexy” Bra… which is the single best 48 dollars I’ve ever spent in my existance.

 I guess I’ll be the first to admit I attempted to drown my sorrows with a whole bottle of pink champagne last night. Ok not a whole bottle, maybe 640ml  of the 750ml bottle. I will also admit that it didn’t take away my sorrows, but made me fall asleep.

 I think we all have vices, that we indulge in when we aren’t feeling up to par.

What’s yours? Come on, you can tell me. =)

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