You know it’s time to slap a soccer mom when…..

Hannah Montana = 15,000 Girl Shriek Fest!

 Please read that article – and find with your little eye the part where it mentions that some Mom’s pay outrageous prices to get these tickets. Why? WHY? Why do you think it’s a good idea to spend your hard earned cash, hundreds of bills, on fuckin’ Hannah Montana? Don’t you think Billy Ray Cyrus has enough of the money from his hit single Achey Breaky Heart stashed up in a savings account somewhere for her? Or were they broke and this was their last resort. I’ve watched Miley Cyrus play Hannah Montana on TV and I don’t think there is anything even remotely special about this show, except for the fact that it shows you that even has-been country stars can outgrow the mullet. Yay for that – but seriously. Miley Cyrus is cute as a young girl can be but, there is nothing special about this show. There are no golden gods spreading the wisdom of the afterlife during her on-stage performance, so why would you spend FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ON TICKETS. I can see, MAYBE, spending 85-100 on tickets for 2 children and an adult or one child and an adult for nosebleeders, but $500.00 of your hard earned cash, you’ve got to be fucking joking? I cant even stand to read that.

I was chatting with a couple girls from work and one of them asked “So is your Daughter a big Hannah Montana fan too?” I’m stirring my cappucino looking at her with this deer in the headlights look.. My daughter’s three and a half. If it’s not cartoon or saying/singing random shit in Spanish.. i.e. Dora, she doesn’t give it her time of the day. “No, she’s not quite of that age yet, and we don’t really watch The Disney Channel in our house.” I left it at that, I’m sure it wouldn’t be in good taste to tell them we watch utter crap like South Park and The Simpsons (which my daughter loves). I’ll just keep that one to myself lol.

 But anyway — back to the point, there is no reason to even consider spending $522.50 /after tax on tickets to see a ten year old sing.  I mean it’s not like she’s New Kids on the Block or something…. sheesh!

Even the mom who admitted on her blog, I’ll link her blog as soon as I can find it, I’m not ashamed or afraid to call it out, that she spent three hundred sixty five dollars on Hannah Montana tickets and was convinced she got them for a steal!

 Ladies and gents, time to slap a soccer Mom – and say WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?

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6 thoughts on “You know it’s time to slap a soccer mom when…..

  1. Wait a min… I was really enjoying this and then you threw the NKOTB thingey in there like a foot in a piranha tank..

    Like wtf? There is NOOOOOOOO way you are a New Kids on the Block fan..

    Then again maybe there is…

  2. The whole Hannah Montana thing is totally insane. I saw on yahoo news not too long ago that someone paid over $2,000 for 1 ticket.

    I relate to the author of the editorial. I took my step-daughter to see The Jonas Brothers last summer. A roadie came out, the kids screamed, the curtain moved, the kids screamed, the lights flickered, the kids screamed. I thought I would go deaf, and this was in a small venue. I can’t imagine it in a big arena.

    You dodged the bullet with your daughter. I have a 4 year old in Sunday School that is ATE UP with Hannah Montana. She’s going as Hannah for Halloween and is making her 2 year old sister be Lilly/Lola.

    I confess, I’m a former NKOTB fan myself.

  3. I’ll confess. I love this. But, I’m in my 30s. It’s me selling that soccer mom the uber-priced tickets when hannah montana comes to town. Why? Because soccer moms need to be slapped! Hard!

    I figure if I can break the soccer mom bank, maybe they’ll gtf away some and stop parking all crooked in the parking spaces with their Yukon Denali because they’re only driving with 1 hand.

  4. That Hanna Montana girl is coming to our local 4th of July show this year, most people around here try and go with their families. The tickets sold out in 1 hour and I don’t know of a sole that got tickets for their family. I guess we will have firework-less fourth this summer, so folks from out of town can enjoy watching our home town show.
    Can ya tell I’m a little mad?

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