Life’s Sensory Soundtrack

For my own good health and pushing towards losing more weight – I am walking two miles every night through my neighborhood. Walking is a great way to clear my head and prepare for the evening. I feel better about myself and just physically better in the end knowing I’m not sitting around like a lump.

It’s amazing what you learn about people through sensory details. Some minor – some major. Being the observationist that I am. In the first quarter mile there isn’t really anyone home. 5:50pm in midwest suburbia everyone’s out at soccer games, basketball games, out to dinner, or simply not home from work yet, but the further I got into the subdivision and the sun began to go down, lights started going on and cars started pulling into driveways. Halloween decor still littered peoples front yards and their porches. No smashed pumpkins, maybe a stray candy wrapper here or there, but not many. A single princesses glove lay stranded on the ground next to a tree.

I smell an amazing smell, it’s all of these houses cooking dinner and it smells absolutely delicious. On one side of the street I smell something being fried… on the other side of the street I smell something that might just a lasagna baking in the oven. A mother struggles to get her kids bikes up on the porch. An elderly woman is walking her dog. Kids are zooming home on skateboards and bikes. I am walking on the sidewalk somewhere around mile one and a half and there is a mid fifties woman standing in her kitchen with her back up against the fridge eating a peach. She has her eyes closed and her head is resting back on the appliance. An elderly couple is taking down all of their Halloween decor outside…the wife is babbling about how Thanksgiving should have a big turnout this year since “Lacey has had two children since last Thanksgiving.” (Holy crap. 9-10 months apart in age? JEEEEESUS!!!) . The couple sitting on lawn chairs in their garage with the door up, with friends present, having a cold one and laughing in their Northern Face fleece zip ups.

You learn so much about the domesticity of people by just observing. I wonder if the woman with the peach is stressed out or worried about her ailing mother/father and how she will care for them in their age, or maybe the mother with the bikes is wondering why she keeps getting stuck doing this time and time again when her own children should be responsible for such a task, the couple taking down their Halloween decorations – I wonder if they live for the holidays because in their old age – they are alone in their home and sometimes get lonely. I wonder if the couple sitting closely to one another smiling while the husband pats the wife’s leg is as in love as they were when they first met.

So many things affect us in different ways and we react appropriately. We are the most adaptable creatures on this planet, but we still feel emotions sometimes that are evoked by a plethora of different things. I smell these smells and see these families, real families, not the ones you see on Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives — the REAL families, the ones who have real problems, real troubles, and people who react appropriately to those troubles.  It makes me feel warm inside and makes me forget that their are families that AREN’T like this..  

 For me, my big one is music – music can derive any emotion from me at all even when I’m not feeling them or I am unable to relate them to something I feel in my present life. But music will pull those emotions from the depths of my soul and display them throughout the song and then neatly tuck them back away when it’s finished. I truly believe that inside our own heads  we create a playlist to our life – a soundtrack of sorts to all of the things we have experienced and all of the things that make us feel good or bad and we literally associate them with songs…I think your soundtrack to life will always stay pretty much the same but there are going to be some songs that change and grow with your taste in music and whatever seems to evoke the higher emotion.

The following playlist are just a handful of the songs that I closely associate with something in my life. Some of them are my favorite songs – others strictly bring some emotion out in me. I obviously like them all but some are far more significant than others.

All of these songs directly relate to something or some one or some event in my life that has actually happened. Lyrics are everything to me and if they say something I feel or have felt in the past it’s on this play list.

My Playlist to Life


One thought on “Life’s Sensory Soundtrack

  1. “music can derive any emotion from me at all even when I’m not feeling them”

    Oh how true it that! Nice post…but I can’t view the playlist from work, I’ll check it out later.

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