Cyberspace asks…

..a lot of friggin’ questions. 

I’m starting to feel like this blog is called Dear Alyssa, in the marriage column… But I like doing this – like I said, I’m no licensed professional, I just think that these search engine terms lead to a lot of great discussion.

Can you be in high school and still married?

Yes. But I wouldn’t recommend it. I think I am in the great minority of so-far-so-good marriages that have come out of high school. I married in the summer between my junior and senior year to my husband. I was 17 and he was three weeks shy of 21. We were never in high school together, because of the age gap, but we met through friends, so in a sense you could say he was my high school sweetheart, but I wasn’t his. I think that we have had some serious rough patches and some very serious issues in the past that required counseling, but in reality, once we were through it and we figured out what worked for us, not for everyone else – we started to do really well.  I digress, high school is for social development and education, not for being married and getting pregnant. I struggled through my senior year after discovering my pregnancy 6 weeks after our nuptuals. I was big and pregnant and often too tired to focus on class or school work – or even go. I graduated, but by the skin of my teeth. I think teenagers who had unstable childhood and influences of unstable relationships – are desperately seeking permanence and purpose. The Two P’s, but what most teenagers don’t believe is that it comes with time and your own drive and ambition can put you in a place for those two p’s.  I can’t sit here and say that no marriage that was founded in high school works out, because obviously that is not true and I’d be lying and damning my own marriage if I said so. 

 Have fun, date, make friends, learn what kind of person you are and what you want – because you probably know very little of those things in high school. 

“Moms who don’t like South Park”

Well, I guess I’m bowing out of this discussion because of… a conflict of interests. LoL

“My partner loves me as a friend.”

Then, if possible, find out what you lost and how to get it back. You can’t force your partner to go to counseling, but you can do your best to convince them without pushing and nagging, but once a partner has closed down, it could be permanent.. or it could take them leaving and going out in the world to remember what you used to have, and missing it. I guess I am a live-to-tell version of the quote “If you love something, set it free..” yadda, yadda. I think it just may be true. Best wishes.

“Love wife”

Awww I hope that this isn’t something dirty and is a precious homage to your female counterpart. It’s nice to see sweet stuff come through the search engine.

“slap Mom”

Hey! Don’t slap your mom! I pity the fool….!

Enjoy the extensive list below. There are some good ones, besides those I’ve mentioned.

Most Recent Search Engine Terms:

  • Can you be still in high school and married
  • Sans Sanity
  • Moms who don’t like south park cartoon
  • I want a man in my life
  • My partner loves me as a friend
  • married milf
  • how to follow your dreams with a family
  • “getting married jokes”
  • “You want to do her”
  • married man
  • when lover gets married
  • being adaptable
  • slap mom
  • why did I get married?
  • my first love
  • images for weight watchers
  • love wife
  • soccer mom
  • how to count points when puking on weight watchers
  • any man there for marriage

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