Reason#Eleventy Billion Why NOT to Take a Toddler Out in Public. EVER.


When we are children, we come into this world with an innocent outlook on everything, we aren’t exactly sure what to make of some things that we aren’t exposed to on a daily basis. So, with that being said, our mind set isn’t very detailed, we see something and call it like it is. Right?

 As most of you know, I have a three and a half year old, and NO, the picture to the left is not of my dear daughter…. it’s me in 1987. Tonight my husband and I were heading through the local grocery store getting our stuff and as we passed by frozen vegetables a woman wearing full indian garb, I am un-cultured and I cannot remember what they are called? Sari? Somebody I’m sure will chime in and help me out. The lady, clearly of some middle eastern ethnicity was perusing through the frozen corns and my daughter sat happily in the front of the cart. The womans lovely head dressing was yellow, a canary yellow, with the brightest, shiniest sequins delicately placed to do a few swirl designs on the cascading part on the back of her head and my daughter’s eyes bugged out of her head trying to make something of this glittery reversed-“veil”. I thought she was just curious, sometimes I forget for those of us adults who live in this area, it is second nature to see women and families of this ethnicity out and about, but to a three year old who is still learning…… she looks at the woman and blurts out

“Hey Mom, awwwww….loooook she’s getting married, Mommy!!”

I held my breath for a moment trying to figure out what to say…then the greatest thing happened… the lady in the yellow outfit bust out laughing and smiled and said how cute my daughter is..


Kids say the darnedest things…..

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