“Where’s my f***ing six dollars?!”

I am an addict for bargain shopping, I love thrift stores, they have a variety of clothing, i.e. Goodwill, some brand new with tags and I can buy jeans already broken in, isn’t awesome? I love finding little treasures. I buy some really cool plates to hang on my kitchen wall and add to my collection, and it’s a great place to find purses and handbags for seriously cheap.

Saturday I decided I need a couple new pairs of slacks and a few new shirts, since I’ve lost weight I’ve been picking up pieces smaller here and there. I was at my second Goodwill store of the afternoon and the much smaller one. I was perusing through sweaters, (I ❤ Sweaters!) and I hear

“No! Your policy says SEVEN DAYS with a receipt! I bought these less than 24 hours ago and I didn’t notice the holes, MY BAD, but this is your policy and this is bad business!”

All of the people close to me turn and look at the crazed soccer mom at the counter holding up a worn pink scarf and another article of clothing.  The policy clearly states within 7 days with receipt only, and it says “We are sorry we cannot accept damaged merchandise as a return, please inspect all items before purchasing.”

“I don’t care! You’re going to give me my six dollars back right now! Oh, you’re not!? I want the manager, I want to speak to the person in charge, I want to know the owner of this store!”

I look over the rack at the other two women across from me and say “Can we all just pitch in a fucking dollar and give it to her so she can shut the hell up?” and they all laugh. The woman notices this and becomes even more irritated.

“I’m glad you people think me getting upset and making a scene is so funny! I am not leaving here until I get my damn six dollars back!!!”

Keep in mind, this is a very upper-middle class part of town where there are lexus’ and volvo’s parked outside, she is driving a very new Nissan SUV (I later notice after all of this is over).

The stock man comes out of the back from where she originally drove him to…

The woman yells, “You know me!!! You know I did not damage these items,you guys get this stuff for free, why can’t you give me my damn six dollars back!”

The stock man replies.

“Ma’am I cannot believe this is the same person I’m talking to, I’ve been knowing you for a long long time and right now I cannot believe the same person is standing here in front of me.”

Then just give it back!! Give it back!!” The woman starts to whine like a pouty 10 year old.

“Ma’am, I will give you six dollars out of my pocket if it will get you to leave and stop causing a scene like this. I will GIVE YOU six dollars so that I don’t have to call the police on you!”

She retorts with.

“YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO GIVE ME SIX DOLLARS! I want six dollars from that drawer, from this place!!”

The crowd of people on this busy saturday afternoon, immediately goes “Oooooooo…….” as if to indicated “damn. did this bitch just say that in front of all these people?”

The stockman retreats to the stock room and she begins to follow him going “Give it back! Give it back right now!”

The sweet asian gal who works there stopped her and took her up to the counter. The ranting woman gets on the phone and proceeds to cry to the person on the other end.

“They wont give me my six dollars back! I followed policy. I have my receipts! I’ve done everything right! I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!”

This woman is clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown over six dollars.

“Ma’am, I give it to you.”  the asian lady said- and she returned her her six dollars and took the merchandise back, threw it in the trash, looking defeated, she took her own six dollars and put it into the drawer.

Are you happy now, you pathetic piece of crap?

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3 thoughts on ““Where’s my f***ing six dollars?!”

  1. OMG. That’s Crazy.

    I once returned stuff to goodwill too, although without making a scene. My son had broken his arm and I bought him some bigger t-shirts that would go over his cast. When I got home I noticed she had charged me for dress shirts. ($3 instead of 50 cents), so I took the whole bag of stuff back with the receipt. My thinking was that I can buy new t shirts at Penney’s for $3. However, if they would’ve refused, I wouldn’t have pressed it.

  2. There was a movie in the 1980’s where a newspaper boy followed people around on his bike demanding that he be paid the $2 he was owed for paper subscriptions…

    It was a unusually mean looking/sounding kid for his age, which made it funny…. he even attached skis to his bike in order to follow people on snow… I think the movie was called “better off dead” or something like that.

    This lady makes that kid look like a saint.

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