It’s lightly snowing right now, and I am desperately wanting it to just dump a ton of snow on top of us. I want it to keep snowing and not stop. So after driving through the treachery later, we can cozy in and watch it snow outside and drink hot cocoa and watching Law and Order re runs until our eyes fall out of our face. I love forces of nature that force us to be together. Now I’m not asking for any crazy shit like a tornado or Katrina to happen, but you get my point.

Come on Missourian’s lets go outside and play! Who cares if the ground isn’t covered, let’s just get out and get a sled and go sledding, you know, the grounds moist enough it will slide along, sure not as fast, but it will work… It’ll be fun! Come on!!


2 thoughts on “Snow.

  1. You live in Missouri! I’ve been reading all about the megan Meier thing, awful. That’s how I found you!

    I love snow, just love it. But I live in texas, so, alas, nothing… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree. When it snows here, which is rare, I love just staying home with the family and watching re-runs, playing games, etc. It seems we finally have time to devote to what matters.

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