Closing in on -30lbs.

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Ignore the dirty wal-mart dressing room mirror. I was in trying on new jeans.. A SIZE SMALLER than what I was three weeks ago… and a new shirt for the christmas party…

My camera finally came back today after my drunken episode of breaking it… nice huh? Never do that again, luckily it was in warranty.

So I decided it was time for another update photo..

 I am fastly closing in on 30 pounds lost… about another pound and I’ll hit -30 pounds lost since September.  I’m feeling pretty good about myself… I’ve sold a lot of my old clothes so that I’m never financially or physically able to get back into those sizes ever again.. I will not let them sit in the closet to enable me to gain back the weight.

 Some people think this is retarded or goofy…. or that me making a big deal out of my weight loss is like a Lifetime movie or an episode of Oprah… whatever.. To me this is something I’ve struggled with my whole life… and now that I’ve finally kicked myself in the ass enough to make it work – it’s working – and I feel GREAT!

Last year’s company christmas party I bought this amazing dress – it’s lovely, black, long and silky and bought from Macy’s. I. Loved. It. Because it hid every part of me I was dying to hide. I hate being in pictures because my lack of confidence really killed everything about my personality.

This weekend is my second christmas party at my job, I will not feel the way I did last year… and I’ll never feel that way ever again.

 Here’s to (almost) thirty pounds – gone, bitch. 😉


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