My daughter is three and a half, she’ll be four in May. She is completely unable to be disciplined and learn from it. We’re struggling with this..

However we have these moments where she is hilariously funny and I just can’t contain my amusement.

She has decided that it’s time to learn how to have conversations about things she is really excited about. For instance, the night before last she was taking a bath and I was sitting on the toilet lid reading a book while she swam around and splashed. I had set the book down for one second to rinse her hair and she splashed me in the face… instead of getting angry or annoyed, I gave into it and splashed her back and took buckets of water and dumped it on her over and over and over. She hates rinsing her hair so I found this to be an effective way of getting her hair rinsed. I told her it was time to get out of the tub and dry off. She won’t get out of the tub until she has watched all the water rush out of the tub and swirl down the drain. She’ll stick her finger in the swirl, try to pick it up with her hands, kick it, cover it up with the bucket, and try to stick toys into the whooooosh of the water!

Then she yells out “Mom, it’s a potato!”

I giggled and said “What’s a potato?”

“Going down the drain, look at the potato!” as she touches the swirling whirling water.

“Honey, that’s a TORNADO”



“Ok – potatornado”

Then my head popped off and rolled across the floor…..

Just two days before, she  was stomping around the kitchen with her legs bowed like she had just gotten off of a horse and her chest puffed out and her shoulders in reverse flex stance.

She deepened her voice and walked up to me and said “I’m a man, Mommy. HUH HUH HUH I’m a man.” in her deepest voice.. I looked at her and laughed and then she replied in a deep voice “Don’t laugh at me, I’m a man!!” and then her voice switched into her normal voice except this time it was a little nasally and she goes “Guurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlll”….

I was speechless for just a moment. Then I let out two small laughs that were unable to be contained. In response to this, she laughed reached into her pants and yanked out a bottle of bubbles and skipped off into the livingroom chanting “I want to watch Little Bear!”

I don’t know if I was more shocked that she had just yanked a bottle of bubbles out of her pants — or that she had just called me “Guuurrrrrrrrrrrrrlllll” in the most slang accent you could ever hear…


One thought on “Gurrrrrlll!?

  1. The bubbles just make it priceless!

    My nephew (almost 3) got in trouble with his mom and dad the other night. From the story I got he bit his baby (9 months) brother on the cheek. When his mom asked why he had done it his reply was, “Mommy he is just so cute I wanted to eat him up.”
    I almost dropped the phone from laughing when she told me.

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