Christmas Eve

Many years ago, my mother and I were coming back from doing some Christmas shopping, I think I was twelve or thirteen. Now my mother has always listened to country music, and despite being raised on it, I hate the vast majority of country music… I can handle Keith Urban, Dixie Chicks, Allison Krauss, that’s really about it… but we are sitting in the car and she says:

Alyssa, if some relatives were to give you CD’s for Christmas what would you want?”

And I’m thinking to myself… after years of having it drilled into my head.. I decide to make a joke in my ripe young age.. and say:

Anything except George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, Reba McIntyre, Pam Tillis….”

She cuts me off in my listing of everything SHE listens to, and says:

“Hey – it’s better than some of that BE BOP JU JU music you listen to!!”

There was several moments of silence before I burst into laughter and she followed… Wtf is be Bop Juju???? Who is the headliner artist who set the genre for Be bop ju ju Music? Does Be Bop Ju Ju have it’s own section at Borders? Barnes and Noble? Virgin Records?

We laughed at random points in time for weeks after that, remembering the Christmas Eve shopping excursion where my Mom made up a word. A word that has lived in infamy.

I remember the Christmas when we lived in the upstairs apartment, (attic), of a house down the street from my grandparents, we put up a tree and listened to Christmas music and danced around like crazy people -despite the fact that it was also the year I got all pukey, but I remember that far less than dancing around to the music coming from my Mom’s boom box.

You know, from Childhood, I have a very hard time remembering many of the gifts given to me… Some big gifts I remember, or things I pined after for many months…but in reality. They are but little specs on my Christmas experience as a child.

Now that I am an adult – and have Christmas to provide for my own child, and potential future children – I want to work twice as hard to create memories that will be rock solid for my daughter. Today we are going to go home and blast Christmas music and bake cookies and dip pretzels into vats of chocolate and I might even let her have a little taste test of some of the chocolate. These are things I desperately want her to remember. I want her to forget that I had to go into work for a little while on Christmas eve, i.e. where I am now, I want her to remember the day we put up the tree and busted out the cam corder and listened to Christmas music and put up lights and decorations and the tree… Baking cookies on christmas eve, stealing pieces of the batter, licking the bowl after all the chocolates been scraped out… taste testing one from each batch just to make sure it’s good.

People have asked me today why I’m in such a good mood to be here at work, and I don’t really give them a response, but in reality, it’s because there are several people here at work I care deeply about as my friends… and I mean hell, we see the people we work with more than we see our own families…. so many of these people have become very close to me in one way or another, so I really look at working on Christmas Eve as being able to see those people on a Holiday, I might not get to see otherwise.

Merry Christmas to you and Yours. โค


3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Wonderful.. simply wonderful. Christmas memories stay for a lifetime and make us all very nostalgic for an innocent era that perhaps never was.

    Well done..

    A very enjoyable read..

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