New Years Minus the Ecstacy

So my husband and his friend and I all went out to a bar on new years, ate greasy pizza, had lots of bud light and some mixed drinks and a champagne toast at midnight. We even had a champagne toast at midnight.

The whole time we are eating I notice there is a guy sitting across the bar, staring at me, mid to late twenties and I’m not doing anything particularly sexy, just noshing on some greasy hamburger pizza and drinking a long island iced tea and it’s like he’s staring at me, but he’s kind of staring through me in a way.. if that makes sense??

 So I try to point him out to my husband so he can keep an eye on him – and the guy gets up and walks away before I can point him out… well they end up choosing a pool table right next to this guy and his friends playing…well his friends and his friends girlfriend (WHO IS OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT AND DRINKING IN A BAR!) leave him alone at the table, so he comes over and asks if one of us wants to help him finish the game he paid for..and of course my wonderful husband offers me up who is sitting out the current game on our table…and so what the hell am I going to say

“No you’re a creepazoid weirdo!”  ????

It’s not in my nature…I figure he’s just a drunk..

 Well midnight comes and goes and the guy sees me of course come and go to kiss my husband at midnight and so its pretty obvious I’m taken… My husband and his friend head over to the bar for last call… and me and creepazoid guy are ALONE, well sort of, there are other patrons still close by… The guy leans in close to me so that I can smell the nasty beer on his breath, he’s very drunk and his eyes are closing practically and he asks me.

“You’re not a cop are you?”

and I have no idea whats about to happen, but I laugh and say No, and he pulls a handfull of ecstacy out of his pocket!! I’m like “Sorry dude, you got the wrong girl, I’ll stick with my Bud Light.” and then he’s like “do you want to take this to a more.. private…setting…” and I’m thinking uhh I’m sure my husband would notice if I suddenly went missing…

He becomes annoyed with me because I want to get the hell away from him and  he’s obviously angry with this, so I tell him I have to go settle my tab and once at the bar in the safety of proximity of my husband and his friend, I was like “Go tell the guy we have to go!! HE JUST OFFERED ME X!!” and we book it out of there.. my husband drives out of the parking lot with the lights off so he cant see our license plate. Despite this creepazoids serious drunkeness, he heads out to his car, I couldnt see what type of car he got into.. but we’re not sure if it was him following us or not.

 It was ridiculous..

 Moral of the Story: Don’t Drink and Drive!  and uhh DON’T offer people Xtacy in an open friggin’ bar like some creepy weirdo…Don’t do drugs.

2 thoughts on “New Years Minus the Ecstacy

  1. Ewww………..I once had a similar experience in a local redneck bar, with some random guy offering me pills.

    Then there was the one guy who, when I told him I was taken and he replied, “I am too, that’s my wife over there”.

    There are definitely some weirdo’s out there.

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