I’m LOST – Are You?

So I found this website online and it’s a place where you connect, you drop your link in creative places and see how many people log in and join up based on your link..
The game has a cash prize for the most connections and the game will end when it reaches 7 million people.
I am interested in humanity and how people connect and how we as human beings relate on emotional and non-emotional levels. I think this site is very interesting and thought provoking. Log in, join up, get your link and spread it around in a creative way.
One guy wrote his link a balloon and then released it from the balcony of his apartment… I poked around online to find some of the most creative ways people have distributed their LOST links to get people to be connected to them and earn them points. Yes, thats how you earn points, for every person who uses your link to join up..
One I thought was cool is that somebody had business cards made that had their link on them and a smiley face and under it it said “Consider this your invite! I’m LOST – are you?” and stuck them inside TONS of books at bookstores, library books, magazines @ the drugstore, magazines @ the grocery check out, left them with their tip at every restaurant they went to, dropped them into the fishbowl business card pool at every place they ate lunch at, dropped them in neighbors mailboxes anonymously..
 So, GET LOST! Click my link. 😉 And start thinking of creative ways to get people connected to you.

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