“…and then I popped out!”

My three and a half year old and I were getting her ready for bed… and me being tired myself – flopped down on the bed and played with her for a bit.

 She kept saying stuff about ‘having a sister’ and about the My Little Pony being her sister.. I said “No, you’re the only baby that’s come out of my belly…” She leaned back and sat up on the bed pondering this… and then she said “I started out in here”– she points to my belly.. “then I got big…and big… and big…and then fyoooom! I just popped out from under your shirt, then the pony, then Dora, and then Boots, and then the Sandman (a doll from Germany my dad bought for her)….and then we were all your babies.”  I laughed- but she was totally serious…. she looked under my shirt and she said “Don’t tell Daddy about the horse that popped out from under there — that ones a secret!”

Apparently after my love affair with a horse… I produced said stuffed disney horse that is bigger than Rhiannon present day… better not tell Robert the horse isn’t his. 😉

In other news — it seems I’ve got a very important…uh.. ‘test’ to pee on.. I mean – take tomorrow. ::groan::


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