23 Months Later… We’re finally getting our wish – no drugs or fertility treatments necessary. 😉

I have not told anyone at work yet, I’m not ready to have everyone be all excited and happy for me – and if something were to happen…. you know… I dont want anyone there to know for at least 8 more weeks….I want to make sure everything is progressing as it should be before I announce it to anyone else besides family.

Here Comes infertility garb nobody who hasn’t been through it won’t understand!

Beta 1: DPO 14: 176

Beta 2: DPO 16: 488!!!

Not all news can be that good though — progesterone… 7.4 =(

Hello Prometrium 100mg twice a day. Makes me tired, nauseated…oh and hungry.

Rhiannon would like a brother and she would like to name it ‘Puppy’ and if it’s a girl she wants to name it after herself… lol

More to come…

3 thoughts on “A+

  1. WOW!! Great! I had a very hard time conceiving my third son, but one day, pop there he was. It’s always when I give up stressing that things work out for me. Congratulations!!!

  2. Those numbers look WONDERFUL!!!!!! Try to relax… yay right I know! Once you reach the second trimester I hope things get easier for you!! I understand the fear of m/cing. ((HUGS))

    ~*Denise*~ (FF)

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