Exciting Adventure

Baby #2 7weeks 2days

It’s remotely blurry because I couldn’t stop shaking.. I went in to the doctor for some cause for alarm – turns out everything was fine… I got to see the baby for the first time, and see it’s little heart beating… I felt so much better.. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I feel like a weights been lifted off of my shoulders and I can actually start trying to enjoy being pregnant, save for the fact that I suffer from chronic chronic fatigue. =/

 Regardless, this little bean is a miracle. 23 months of waiting and finally. The baby is doing good and they adjusted my due date to 9/21 instead of 9/23 because of measurements. I go in for a follow up ultrasound and my full doctors visit on Feb 12th. I’m super duper excited about the next seven months. I am carefully planning the layout of our bedroom for when the baby comes, looking around online at the shiny new things I’m going to get for the baby and planning the day before my scheduled c-section like it’s the day before Christmas… which essentially, it is, I’ll get an amazing gift the next day. 😉

 I’m going to start my maternity leave the day before the c-section is scheduled and it’s going to be lovely, we’re going to sit home as a family, get the final touches of things ready for the baby in Mid September and it’s going to be perfect. My 3.5 year old is really excited…she wants to hold the baby, hehe.

This is quite an adventure for me, even though I’ve been through it before..




2 thoughts on “Exciting Adventure

  1. For a sec I thought that was a pic of the moon landing.

    I stand corrected.

    Great week to be born by the way. That is apparently “the most creative week” of the year. More actors and stars born that week than any other.

    Any reason why you are planning a c-section? Or don’t you have a choice?

    Well that’s my lot for today.

    Happy baby stuff..

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