Uh-oh, we’re in trouble.

Let’s not forget, my daughter will be 4 in May….  

Me: So what did you get in trouble for at school today?

Daughter: Ummm…..

Me: Come on, tell me the truth.

Daughter: For kissing.

Me: What?! (dumbfounded)

Me: Kissing!?!?!

Daughter: Yes. Stephen.

Me: You are not allowed to kiss little boys, do you understand? You only kiss mommy and daddy or papa and gigi or any of your grandmas and grandpas… You don’t kiss any of your friends, thats not ok.

Daughter: but you kiss Daddy.

I’m stuck for a moment…. how do you explain to a three and a half year old that you kiss her Dad because you’re married to him? and you’re an adult…..?

Me: You know that’s different, Daddy’s my husband and it’s not the same. Keep your mouth to yourself at school…

Daughter: ((sigh)) ookaaaay…….

 We are in so much trouble when she hits her teen years.


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