Lori Drew: Harassed?

Lori Drew receives threatening texts and hacked calls

 Ms. Drew, I hate to tell ya, but you’re not even getting half the shit you deserve.

Your problems are petty compared to what Megan endured and ultimately ended in her death because of you…your “harassing” texts and cell phone calls etc — whatever.

They never charged her for assisted homicide. Even though so many of us believe she should have been. The system has failed us by sending a message out to all others who would potentially harass and stalk and “groom” an innocent person for their own benefit — that it’s ok – and there is no punishment for such behavior..

What a wonderful, remarkable message to send to todays pedophiles and todays youth…

 :claps in standing ovation for ‘the system’:


2 thoughts on “Lori Drew: Harassed?

  1. That story has made international headlines for some time now.. I am sure there isn’t a country which hasn’t read or heard about this one. I just think it is a greta shame that there is nothing she can be charged with.

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