17 Weeks.

So, my little baby bean is trucking along nice, not so much of a bean anymore – she/he is starting to move n shake in there..

I’m over the hump of the scary first trimester,, the fun part begins now, feeling the baby move, having a nice little preggo belly without the 33+ weeks pain of not being able to breathe and the pressure in my torso feels like its going to snap off ribs…

It seems like everyones getting pregnant right now… I guess 2008 is a good year to have a baby??


We’ll see. 😉 May 2nd is our big ultrasound, you know the one where they check out the family jewels for verification and measure all kinds of stuff.  Sorry I havent been updating much, been very busy, will try to change that here soon.


One thought on “17 Weeks.

  1. Well, I’m just glad to hear that the little bump is doing well. From your posts, I could tell that you were frazzled about getting through that first trimester. I’m so glad that you made it past that hurdle and now get to experience all the “joys” that pregnancy beings, again. Of course, I’m sure you probably don’t mind all too much…



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