We are what we are…

I have learned a very valuable lesson from my family and the people we interact with..we’re all very close and we look out for each other in times of need..when shit gets rough for any of us, we’re there.

I have digested an observation that really seems to make a lot of sense to me about how I came to be who I am.. We cuss, some of us smoke, drink, and some of us are even liberals…::gasp::

But in the end we’re all family,  and the one thing I learned is that we make no claim to fame at trying to keep up with the Jones’s because we don’t. We dont need to act like something we’re not to get attention or pretend like we’re of some other class of society, as if it would make a difference.

We don’t believe in greed or material things. We believe in survival and understanding and commitment to each other and the things we have laid out for ourselves.

My grandparents are probably the least financially well off of their siblings, but they seem to be ones with the most love, conviction, commitment, and character. They made their lives about the home and raising a family as most people of their era did, which in todays society and in today’s standards two, youngly married people with no college education would be scoffed upon, labeled as something less. We were raised not to care what people thought of us, to be tolerant, to have a sense of humor, to be about the family and give our lives to our children and the people we love, and well, to throw in a few curse words every now and then and maybe some toilet humor for comic relief….but so what?


The only thing separating us from the Jones’s.. is money. Which means, truly, that nothing separates us at all, because money is nothing when stretched beyond your basic needs.


Trust in those you love. Love those you trust, despite their flaws.


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