20 weeks. 50% finished.

Friday we had our big ultrasound and we have a very healthy little baby…BOY!

We are really excited that the baby is healthy. I am not about to tempt my fate by asking for a specific gender, after it taking two years to get pregnant. I am more at peace with the fact that the ultrasound says that the baby is healthy and growing perfectly on par.

This is an exciting new adventure for us. We have a name picked out but we aren’t telling anyone – it’s a secret.  I am excited about this baby, but I’m also a little nervous! What am I going to do with as boy???? I have two little sisters that I have changed the diapers of – what do I know about raising a boy?! We attended parenting and infant care classes when we were pregnant with our daughter. So I learned about how to care for a circumcision and how to make sure the pee-pee points down in the diaper instead of up. Boy will that be the day when I forget to point the pee pee down. I’m just so used to girls, it’s all I know for babies.

I’m ready to take this on, not like I have a choice, but I’m ready to see the change in family dynamics, with my husband and I having a bigger family, two children… you know? Things change and I wonder how we will adapt to the changes..

I was, however, able to schedule my c-section on Friday, so assuming I do not go into labor prior to this date – then the baby will be born on 9/15! They no longer do c-sections at this particular hospital before 39 weeks for the baby’s health. I’m perfectly happy with this arrangement, whats best for the baby is fine with me.

Next step, setting up a registry for all the things I need for this baby – and dont have since my oldest is a girl and four years old – as of Tuesday.. ::cry:: I cannot believe she’s four, but thats another sad story for another day. I know what I need as things have been lost in the shuffle and there were quite a few things damaged or covered in mold from the basement flood in our old house.. So we basically need the big stuff..


Fun fun. I’ll post ultrasound pictures later. 😉

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