On Conservative and Extremist Christianity.

I feel it is necessary to address this topic, again…. (For the reference, I’ll use the term “Christian” loosely, I mean anyone who believes in God. The Higher Power and believes in the story of Jesus Christ. Christianity is broad).

As a pregnant woman, a mother and a wife, I seek out online web forums where I can associate with other Moms with which I might have something in common. It is shocking to me how much hatred our children are being raised into, how much deep-seeded intolerance is fueling the lives of these young kids “Jesus Camp” anyone?


That is insanity.

The original poster in question actually says:

“We all were born into sin….. the choice is do we stay that way….anyhow…you get my point[…]”

How in the world did we get to a society where what others do matters so much to our ‘salvation’. I feel like Christian Extremists or Evangelists etc. have taken this crap way too far. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone?  Right? I am thoroughly secure in my stance as an agnostic wife, mother, and woman. I believe deeply that creation is so beyond human comprehension that it is impossible for us to know what our true meaning of life is and who our true creator is.

It’s impossible for me, as a tolerant person, to understand the conservative christian stance – the ones who stand out on street corners with signs that say “Gay is an Abomination”.. or “GAYS CAN’T GET INTO HEAVEN!” or bullshit like that. I try to look at everything…from a ‘tolerant’ perspective and leave judgment out of it, but hatred is something we as a society should never ignore… hatred killed millions of Jews… Darfur anyone? You get the point. Hatred breeds a darkness within humanity and it is frightening to me that some of these women are indoctrinating their children with an intolerant hateful mindset.

Another poster retalliated to the above comment made by the original poster which I felt was just.

“So is choosing to be a hateful intolerant UN-christian person a sin worthy of eternal hell and damnation too?”

I enjoyed this comment the most, probably out of all the posters. Because it really put it all into perspective.

The original poster replies with:

“is it?  Where was the hate?  We are called to be watchmen and to warn others.  How is a watchman warning people doing wrong.  If I truely believe and interpret the scriptures as one thing and don’t follow through with that, doesn’t that make me wrong…now if i am interpreting scriptures wrong, then direct me… down the right path..shouldn’t that be your goal?”

Is that really what the bible says? Because I’ve done a little religious exploration of the bible and some of it’s meanings and I can tell you there is a definite place in the bible where it says that the bible is subjective, it is supposed to evolve with us. There is no evolution to this work. What do people think the New Testament is? Do they think God and Jesus came back, had a little conference and re-wrote the Old Testament then disappeared back into the heavens when they were done? Of course not! The Bible is a man-made piece of work, it is subjective. It’s a series of fictional stories designed to help human kind understand the concept of something super natural that words could other wise NOT describe. That isn’t an opinion, it’s fact. Disagree with me if you will…

If the bible didn’t evolve – we should still be stoning and killing our unruly children when they get out of line. Yeah it was done. Yeah it’s in there. Should we still be putting women behind men and making them the weaker gender? Throw equality right out the door! Should we beat to death the women who attempt to preach the word of “God” in public forum? because they aren’t allowed to preach the word of God because they are the “Weaker Vessel”? 1 Corinthians 14:34 The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.) Should we damn the women to hell who have children out of wedlock? Should we shun the women from our communities who initiate a divorce from their husband for whatever reason?

Yeah, it states pretty much (in its old world text) all of those things…

How is it that they are able to pick and choose from the bible what they want to believe?

I am so glad I can sleep easy at night knowing my child will grow up to be a tolerant, loving human being who doesn’t make people feel poorly for their decisions to lead their own life and not make people feel uncomfortable with their unwarranted blabber about converting… *cough* Saving…everyone else.

“Judge not, lest ye be judged.  And it is my duty as a Christian to tell YOU that.” – bcHost (Tracy)

You know how much more calm this world would be if all Christian’s were like this? And raised their kids like this? To be tolerant, and not hateful..

Wait, hold on….

Leviticus 20:13

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

(pppsssttt… Hey lesbians, it doesn’t say anything about girls ‘lieing’ with girls!) Better get all the Gays together and burn them in an incinery. Just like the jews. Right?  Does the above verse sound like any God you’ve ever heard of? I thought Christian’s believed their God was a loving God and a tolerant God and a peaceful God….putting people to death doesn’t sound like a very loving God to me.

THEN the bible contradicts itself.

1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints,

Wait!? THIS SAME GOD who wanted gays to be put to death…by law?! Doesn’t sound very peaceful if you ask me.

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned, forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.-Luke 6:37

I think I like this part the best. I think it embodies truly what Christianity should be.


3 thoughts on “On Conservative and Extremist Christianity.

  1. I think you have some very good & valid points.
    I think it is VERY important to not take verses out of context. For example, when you read about a wife being submissive of her husband, RIGHT AFTER THAT is “men should love their wives like the love the church.” (I’m paraphrasing obviously). Think of men like a head of a body..and women are the neck. They (we) can influence & turn our husband’s heads & thinking. I think we are helpmates to eachother, but we can’t be both the chef in the kitchen. With that being said, I also believe after reading and studying scripture, I don’t think every man was cut out to be the “head of the family” I think there are gifts born unto people that makes them leaders, followers, servers/servants, etc. regardless of their sex.

    It’s so important as Christians that we have read the entire “mission statement” (if you will) to fully understand it. It’s about reading, listening, praying and then doing as God as asked us to do.

    I believe homosexuality is wrong, but I’ll never turn away a person from his or her friendship because of it. I have family members that are gay. I love them just the same; but I do not condone their lifestyle. Ok, so where does the judging part come in? I talk to my kids (as their age allows) about what’s right & wrong, what WE believe in as their parents and what we’ve interpreted from the Holy Bible. I hope that my children will ask questions; search for answers from scripture and prayer to finally step forward out on their own some day as adults.

    I also enjoy the sub title of your webpage! ;): “Because I don’t need to talk about my Hoo-Haa, Menstruation or Bowel Movements to Be Popular!!”
    Pun intended: AMEN SISTER! AMEN!

  2. Irish,
    Where I am glad you’re not of the extremist Christian variety that is sent here to pass judgment.

    I don’t think of my husband as the head of the household.

    We’re equals. I make rules just as much as he does. I don’t step down or submit to his commands. We both work for the money that comes into our household and he is nowhere above me on the grand scheme of things just because he possesses a penis. Sorry. The whole ‘helpmate’ idea was completely ruined for me after seeing last weeks “Wife Swap” because I saw what it really meant….At first I was like “oooooh, a help mate…that’s a neato idea”…. then I saw the truth. It’s just another way of putting women in their place as the “weaker vessels”…

    Tell me if I’m wrong and that’s not what you meant.

    …but there’s no chance in hell my husbands any further up to “God” in the grand scheme of things. If there is such a place as heaven or hell… I don’t need his penis to get me into heaven. My vagina and my ability to be a good person and live a good life will get me there, whether we’re divorced, whether I don’t put him on a pedestal, etc…

  3. I sympathize with your views on the dark side of Christianity, the preaching of hate and intolerance, and the errant use of certain passages in the Bible to enforce radical beliefs. A few thoughts on this general topic: the Bible was written by humans, and is not even complete; much was left out for various reasons by those in control at that time, and much had not even been discovered yet; while the general teachings are an excellent guideline for life, those who choose certain quotes or passages, often out of context, to enforce their own personal beliefs or emotions are very misguided and do not understand the Bible or its purpose; contradictions abound, and we should have reached the point where we see through those and understand the basic message, the big picture if you will.

    Context is really the important word here and should always be considered before any other factor. It is impossible to relate human consciousness at that time to the present. Homosexuality, for example, was thought then to be an evil choice of behavior. We understand now that it’s a condition, a genetic error if you prefer. But do we hate and punish all the unusual ‘conditions’ in our society? No. Rather, we meet them with understanding and tolerance.

    Some human gods may preach intolerance, hate, and fear of punishment from the Almighty. But the real God teaches love, understanding, and tolerance, and we should likewise teach our children.

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