The Best Parent Ever

TV – no TV? Video games – No video games? Organic food only – Processed foods allowed? Vaccination – no Vaccination – Delayed schedule vaccination? Vaginal birth – C-Section?

As parents we are shocked into the world of making decisions for another human being. We do the best we can with the knowledge we have, but there will always be somebody out there who feels ‘better’ than you for making a different decision. It is amazing to me that some of us manage to do so well when flying by the seat of our pants – at trying to raise well rounded, well adjusted, happy little beings.

But still it’s never good enough  – to somebody else. You know, that one Mom that only feeds her child organic food, insisted on chlorine free or cloth diapers,  breastfed until the kid was fifteen five. And she is better than you, right? She thinks she is!

Shocked, right? Not me! Venturing into the world of my second child – I’ve seen it all from other moms. If you’re afraid of being judged in any way, don’t join a baby/mommy/parenting board. You’ll be eaten alive. Seriously. They don’t like you if you don’t breastfeed, they tell you that you pump toxins into your baby’s bodies if you give them an inkling of formula, god FORBID dont put sunscreen on their skin unless its certified- approved- free of cancer causing chemicals you SLATHER on your baby – they’ll tell you openly and honestly that on the inside they feel like they are better parents ‘than they would have been if they had formula fed..’… if you dont co-sleep or attachment parent – you’re dooming your child to a life of emo music and cutting their wrists ‘just to feel pain from abandonment and emotional contact’…

What ask?

They will even tell you that Stay at Home Mom’s are better for kids than daycare. They will tell you that if you vaccinate your child that you are doing them a great disservice, putting them in grave danger, and promoting the drug industry’s ‘poisonous agenda’..They might even say out loud that they ‘loathe’ vaccinated children and the ‘germs’ they carry. . They MAY EVEN go so far as to say that you’re promoting autism and losing the battle against autism for other moms who have children with autism spectrum disorder. Yeah. REALLY.

If you think this is a bunch of bullshit – you should most definitely join us over @  and join the discussion board – introduce yourself and tell them Without Sanity sent you.

You’ll be most comforted by our friendly-ness and non-judgmental nature. 😉 See you there!


My kid can kick your kids ass at VSmile games. 😉


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