On Missing Kids: Caylee Anthony

If you have not been following this story, I encourage you to read up on it and get yourself aquainted with this mess of a “mother”… if you can even call her that.

Caylee Anthony – Missing

The link above is one of many thousand articles you can find online through different blogs and different news organizations. You’ll find a multitude of opinions and speculatory blog entries on this very topic. Mine, this one, will be one them.

The mother claims a woman who has been proven to not even exist, was the “nanny” to her child and that she was the last woman seen with her baby girl. The little girl has now been missing for nearly two months. The “Mother” isn’t talking, and her pathetic family is supporting her? They are pretending like they know their daughter well enough to know she has “nothing to do with her disappearance”…

So far I’ve seen speculations flying around about the following.

  • she sold her daughter for drugs, money, etc.
  • she bartered her daughter for drugs and thought she could come up with the money to pay back the drug dealer in enough time, then when time ran out, she realized she couldn’t and her child is now officially missing.
  • the little girl is dead and the mother knows exactly who and how it happened and she assisted in covering it up and doesnt want her boyfriend to go down for it if it was him who did it.

All of the above are disgusting, absolutely disgusting.
Casey Anthony Partying at a Nightclub 11 days After Daughter was Allegedly missing

Yes folks, you heard right. The above photo was taken just days after her little girl allegedly went missing, when Casey claimed to have been trying to find her daughter “on her own without the police, and it was stupid and she knows that…”  ?! Yeah. So now that these pictures have hit the media, she said she was at this nightclub and others because this is where she thought to look for her daughters kidnapper, as these nightclubs were places that her former nanny, the last person seen with her child, would hang out… *?* And yet – she let others contradict her by saying “She was working as a promo girl that night.” – and then the DJ says “No she wasn’t.” WTFChuck? This hussy is lying through her damned teeth. She is completely and totally lying.

Let me ask you a series of questions as a good parent – if in fact you’re a parent.

  • Would you ever wait 5 weeks to report your child missing and then claim to “have been handling it by yourself”?
  • Would you ever go to work if your child were five weeks missing and the authorities were out trying to find her? Most especially, as an alleged “promo girl” at a nightclub?
  • Would you even have the capability to smile or throw up peace signs in pictures with DJ’s and her boyfriend?
  • Would you make contradictory statements towards yourself  – if you were innocent?

The answer to all of those is NO. The second one may apply to the child of a police officer whose lost a child – but thats about it.

This is unbelievable. That sweet little girl, is missing…and I am fearing the worst. That child was bartered for something – what it is I don’t know – and she is gone.

I hope that when the truth comes out, they seek life in prison or the death penalty for this heinous act. She is not a mother, she doesn’t deserve to be a mother, and she never did. What kind of astronomical mistake was it to gift this “woman” with a child – when there are many more deserving parents out there?

Looks like “God” was sleeping on the job, big time, on this one.

I urge anyone with any information at all about Caylee or Casey Anthony to call the tip lines and get this little girl found – if not alive – put to rest…

She deserves that much – her mothers already fucked for life – so whoevers covering for her, please stop, she’s already dug her grave and even your silence won’t save her. She’s done for. She won’t be seeing anything but a prison cell for the remainder of her days, regardless.

Hope she knows how to handle herself in prison with a bunch of women who are/could be moms too. . . They may not take so kindly to her existance in their little world.

I say “Let the bitch rot.”

What kind of world are we living in? What are we doing wrong to steer these women in the wrong direction? What the hell has happened to humanity that somebody resorts to something like this?

She’s worthless. That little girl, however, is innocent.


4 thoughts on “On Missing Kids: Caylee Anthony

  1. I think we will find out by next week what happened to the sweet little child.
    I don,t think it will be good news.I personally would like to take Casey & her mother & beat the crap out of them.I think they know what happened to the grandchild & are covering up for Casey.Her true colors showed in the first interviewed ,phone convertation with her Mother.She a fowled mouthed party-loving slut.The very idea the her mother does not know the
    father of her grandddaughter is insane.They should lock them up through aaway the key.They have wasted the police’stime & the taxpayers money.
    any agree?

  2. Hi, I read something that a psychic wrote on this matter that freaked me out. She said she had a dream about Casey and her mother, Cindy fighting. There were fighting about Casey wanting to shopping at the mall. Cindy was letting her have it saying she can’t afford to go to the mall, she’s a mom now, and Caylee should be her first priority. Next thing she sees is Caylee in the back of the car and her mother driving erratically. She pulls into a covered parking lot, and cracks the windows, but it is 90 degrees out. No one sees Caylee sitting in the back of the car. Caylee passes out and slumps to the floorboard, so that when someone does comes close enough to the car, he can’t see her. She is passed out on the floor. She watches for what seems like an eternity with the child in the car. The mother finally comes back, but it is too late. Caylee is dead, cooked from the outside in. She doesn’t even check on her, which makes the person so mad that is seeing this, she puts her stuff in the back first. Comes around and see Caylee and tries to wake her up, she shakes her. Instead of panicking and calling 911, she grabs a pink blanket on the floor of the car and wraps Caylee in it. All the while she is angry and cursing under her breath that this is all her mother’s damn fault if she would’ve only watched the child in the first place! When no one is looking, she puts her in the trunk and drives to her mom’s house. No one is home and she goes to the neighbor and aks to borrow a shovel after trying to break into the shed in the backyard. She burys Caylee in the backyard and smooths the dirt over the area. She returns the shovel to the neighbor. Afterwards, she smokes like a fiend on her mother’s back porch. All the while she is angry, not remorsefull, not sad, not crying, just pissed. The person wakes up from the dream crying for Caylee. She falls back asleep and sees Caylee still in the pale pink blanket this time in the car trunk covered in dirt. Her mom drives to a tall building, sorry that is all she knows about the building. She puts Caylee in the dumpster next to the building. It was very late at night. Somehow the dreamer has the feeling she knows the dumpster will be picked up the next morning. She awakes exhausted and feels as if she’s had no sleep.
    I read this and got chills down my spine, it sounds like something Casey would do. The being angry instead of calling 911 to see if they could possibly save your baby. I’m sure if went down something like this, she held it over Cindy’s head and wouldn’t let her talk to the child, because the child was dead! This was probably the time she left without warning and Cindy didn’t see her or Caylee for that 30 days. Casey would sneak over there in the night to steal or move poor Caylee. What a arrogant, psychopathic, narracist this woman has to be! Just my opinion…thanks

  3. What you just described is exactly the vision I had. I am a sensitive and spmetimes pick up on experiences concerning a death.

    It is driving me crazy to know that Caylee is in the landfill. I believe the dumpster was at the Sawgrass apartments.

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