A Phase…Annoying little phase.

So please tell me that 4.5 year olds grow out of this, “I’m going to annoy the fuck out of you until you scream at the top of your lungs out of frustration.” phase? Please, seriously?

She is making me nuts. She refuses to follow simple instructions.  Everyone else in the house has learned the rules, however she is failing to catch on like all other members of the household.

1. Mommy is jesus. My word is IT.

2. Daddy is the king of the house – who does what mommy says, and cooks edible meals for all of us, you will eat them…or starve. Your call.

3. Nobody else cleans up after you, unless you are still shitting your drawers… your brother is four months old and exempt from this rule.

Princess believes that if she says “I dont want to…….” or “But I dont have to….” or “i just wanted to X, Y, and Z instead…..” enough times, I’ll let it fly – but regardless of how consistant I am. She stands her ground until we resort to disciplinary action…and even then…

I understand the concept of small children trying to exert some sort of control over – what little they have – while experimenting with “independance”..but jesus H… this is getting ridiculous and I’m getting concerned that its starting to reflect on me as a parent.

I swear I follow the books! 😉

Consistant disciple. Check

Clear and understandable rules. Check.

Structure and Routine….. kinda check???

Ok fine – so we’re working parents and my kids stay with my family during the day – who probably aren’t as consistant as me, but my kid knows the rules and my four month old is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. He’s a REALLY happy baby who loves simple social interaction and excites easily, doesn’t cry much. My four year old is ten times the work my son is… but we decided to keep them both ( hehehe ) Anyhow, I feel most of the time if I can just get her to stop repeating herself fifty times, annoying the crap out of me, refusing to eat her dinner….I’ll be set.

But she continues to do all of the above.

Starting today, I am offering the opportunity for another mommy to come to my house and whip my kid into shape. I will provide liquor, snacks (my husbands cooking), and extended cable (that I got for free as a promotion, but we’ll just pretend like I pay more for it, just for you….)

Please apply in the comments box below.  I will screen applicants based on criminal history ( possessing one will not bar you from being chosen ) and on their experience with four year old drama queens…


One thought on “A Phase…Annoying little phase.

  1. Oh Mai Gawd!! That sounds just like The Boy. He’s 5 1/2. It does NOT get better for age. Once they get big enough to have their own opinions and voice them I say it’s time to trade them in on smaller, quieter ones 😉 I will come train your daughter if you come train my son. I love it when they don’t eat dinner saying they are full but immediatly after….they want a snack. Uh…..hell no!

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