On being ill and public schooling.

Friday, I felt fine.

Saturday, felt a little worse – sniffles, sneezing, a little sore throat.

Sunday, I felt like S.H.I.T. and the superbowl pissed me off on top of that.

Monday, I felt worse than SHIT.

Tuesday, see above…

It’s damn cold here, so that doesn’t help either.

Who says…

In just 7 short months, my oldest child will start Kindergarten. She will attend the public school district in which we live – which seems pretty nice according to her cousins and my Aunt. It is also given high marks by many of the local moms for being safe and sufficient and keeping parents involved. Good enough for me. Exactly what I want.

The topic of public versus private schooling comes up rather often amongst parenting groups as it is a hot button for a lot of parents.

I don’t disagree with private school.

I disagree that it is absolutely necessary for your children to be intelligent and well educated. Public school can do that too.

You just have to do your research.

There are some private schools who deliverately misuse funds and have nothing to show for it.

There are some public schools that are seriously slacking in providing a proper curriculum.

The statement “I dont want my kids to go to public school because I dont want them to have a shitty education” is an entirely blind – ignorant – statement. The statement, if ever uttered from your mouth, means you need to do your research better.


One thought on “On being ill and public schooling.

  1. I teach in public schools and you’re right… it totally has to do with the school itself. Some schools have a great line up of educators and students. Others, if the educators and administrators are lame, the kids are awful. Like where I teach…

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