Friday mornings aren’t always “cruise control” for some people…


Yeah, seriously...
Yeah, seriously...



Friday morning, I’ve got my dry frosted cheerios, no milk (its calorie cutting madness don’t ask) and I’m in the car – driving to work and I’m changing lanes with care and consideration like I do most of the time..

Now, my commute is through the St. Louis Suburbs and it’s sometimes so outrageous I am compelled to come to my blog and write about it..

This was Friday the 13th – so something strange must have been happening. A woman in a black Nissan Rogue pulled up next to me, and by the look on her face and her rapid whipping around of her head – looking forward, looking back – I assumed she was trying to find a way to get into my lane.. So I sped up a bit, got in front of her in the lane she was in so she could easily switch to the lane I was in without me blocking her..

She switches lanes then speeds up and gets back in the lane in front of me like we’re playing leapfrog.. so I continue doing about 10 over the speed limit at 70mph. She starts honking like an idiot, swerves out of the lane and as I pass her she gives me the finger…


She then proceeds to weave in and out of traffic for a mile, gets up right next to me on a two lane bridge and matches my speed… honks twice at me and then pulls one of out the movie clueless…

She puts her hand in the shape of an L on her forehead to indicate loser over her gigantic over sized sunglasses and then speeds off while reaching her arm outside of the window in 15 degree temperatures flipping me off..

And all I can do is laugh because somebody has used their finger and drawn the phrase “I’m a bitch” into her rear window grime.

How fitting.


Valentines day was lovely – my husband took me to a place where they have SWINGS for seats at the bar, it was awesome. However, we were boring and sat at the table over candlelight and enjoyed our favorite type of cuisine. Cajun, Caribbean, Cuban Fusion!


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