Time to get serious…


I just purchased a very cute two piece bikini…with sequins… and swirly patterns…

I have exactly 6 weeks before my Mother in Law’s wedding and our family vacation, in which there will be an outdoor pool…

It’s time quit fucking around and eating Easter candy…

I’m probably going to join the Club Fitness by my house tomorrow and get with the damn program and quit making excuses for my piss poor metabolism since my son has been born..

It’s proven to me that it, my metabolism, has changed with the birth of the boy, and that it isn’t going to just melt off like it did after the girl was born…Daaaaamn getting old… yeah I know, I’m only 23… I still FEEL old…

Just the other day, I found 6 grey hairs… wirey grey little bastards.

From today – until June 6th… Here goes nothing.



Note to self: The overall benefits of drinking wine far outweigh any risks associated with a weight loss plan… End Note.


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