Hobbies for Sanity

Vintage Repurposed Ring
Vintage Repurposed Ring

Here is another ring I made out of an old vintage earring. It’s huge, but its made of plastic and acrylic so it’s very lightweight. It is very elegant looking and I’m quite proud of myself for having the eye to pick something like this out. I found it on e-bay.

Two of a kind. I’m keeping one for me, most likely – and then adding it to the growing inventory of rings I plan on listing on my etsy shop to sell.
Doing these little art projects and playing The Sims 3 has kept me sane lately – being with the kids by myself most of the time and trying to figure out our uncertain future has been quite an emotional struggle for me. I have been trying to simultaneously “Find myself” and raise two very needy children.
Our oldest seems to think Daddy not being at home is the opportunity for her to act out.
Screw that.  Mamma doesn’t play like that.
Our son is cutting his center two teeth on the top right now and  simultaneously has allergies and a bit of a cold. Nice, right?
All the girl’s school shopping is done – except for a beach towel and a clip board.
Doomsday countdown to Kindergarten…
T Minus 10 days….

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