Credit, Where Credit is Due

We’ve begun the journey to rebuild our credit. It’s not terrible by any means, but it’s not what we want it to be. I’ve been trolling the FICO forums for a few weeks now and learning all I need to know about debt verification, dispute letters, good will letters, pay-for-delete options. We want to buy a house, very soon,  I don’t know if we’ll make the 8k tax credit but we’re going to do our best. We’re so close to being in an acceptable range – and collections agencies are hell to deal with. Most of it is medical collections so some of those people are being very accomodating for us and it’s great.

We found a house that we love so much but it’s about 15k outside of our price range… That 15k would massively impact our payments and we aren’t going to jump in over our heads. We’re getting really excited about this process and I am a little nervous about what it means to “Shop around” for a good FHA loan.. I don’t want to get locked into a deal that isn’t good and I don’t know where to start. Do I start at my credit union or go to…? Goodness this is so crazy..

Can I pay somebody to come and do all of this for me? … the shopping around…etc.

P.S. Junk Debt Buyers can suck it…


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