Survival: Waiting until the Closing Date on your New House!

So in less than a month we were pre-approved for a loan and found a house, made an offer, got a counter offer, accepted it, got a closing date and now I’m freaking out…

I’m finding so many reasons why everything would go wrong. I’m expecting something to go wrong. There are so many things that have to go right to make this happen. Quite frankly I think I’m causing misplaced stress to loosen the screws on my dear husbands patience.

We close on October 30th… on the perfect house, the one thats got old world charm, that was built in the 30’s, recently renovated and its exactly what we want. I would be devastated if anything pulled the rug out from underneath us.

Is it always so stressful? Somebody tell me that loans being pulled out from underneath you in the table cloth trick style way and are un-fixable doesn’t happen very often? My loan officer told me to go home tonight and take a xanax.

Secondly, I was offered a new job… I am psyched. I’ll be working at the university with my husband. It’s a bittersweet move. I am really going to miss the people I work with, it’s like I’ve built a second family and now I’m really going to miss them… We’ll do some sort of going away happy hour soon and then on the 12th I’ll start a new chapter in my life and a new house and all of these new exciting things and I still can’t stop being stressed.


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