Day One.

I’ve decided to start tapering off from smoking, again. There are too many new and good things going on in my life to be setting a ticking time bomb on my health when the women in my family have a history of various types of cancers.

I was smoke-free for three years, then started up again in May after a rather difficult family ordeal that left me at the mercy of the only vice I ever had.

Last night, I smoked a cigarette, came inside and said “I think I’m done.”..

My name is Alyssa and it’s been 16 hours since my last cigarette.

  • I survived getting stuck in traffic this morning without a cigarette.
  • I have passed my 10AM break without a cigarette.
  • I don’t have any cigarettes in my possession.
  • I am skipping lunch for the next three days so I am not tempted to buy a pack on my lunch break like I typically am.
  • I’m drinking more water to try to keep a straw in my mouth.

I smoked about a pack every 3-4 days. So I wasn’t by any means a “heavy” smoker, but I need to quit again, I hate the way people look at me when I smoke, like I’m white trash or like I’m not professional at my place of business.

I look at the women who work upstairs who take a smoke break every hour on the hour, and they all look so much older than they are and every time they pass me that smell horribly and I don’t want to be like them. Don’t get me wrong, they are nice ladies, but you can tell they are prematurely aging for late 30’s women.

I already appear older than I am, I don’t want to add to it.

I’ll update again tomorrow and eventually if I don’t relapse, I’ll get  a ticker for my page.


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