Day Two

Day two of quitting smoking.

I am watching re runs of season four of Family Guy and Brian the dog is smoking a cigarette… it’s irking me, it’s bothering me – it’s making me want a cigarette.

However, I have one bonus going for me – I have a LOT of new and exciting things going on in my life right now. New House, New Job… so it helps to keep me busy and keep my mind off of wanting a cigarette.

Anywho, speaking of new job, I began training my replacement today and I’m excited for her. Shockingly, I’m excited for the person who will be replacing me. The job I currently have has afforded me a lot of opportunities and taught me so many new things.

I began working at my job during a time of intense struggle in my life. My husband had moved out of the house after we had struggled for months with my serious depression and his lack of maturity – hey, we were both guilty one way or another despite my depression. I was a stay at home mom and my life was headed into the crapper, he had lost his job, was living with his friend, our daughter was two years old and I had no financial support and everything was falling apart. Rent was coming due and I didn’t have a job.

I started going to temp agencies and putting in my resume.

I got a call a week after submitting my resume for a position as a receptionist covering for a girl going on maternity leave and it was 14 weeks long.

I took it and became independent, my husband and I later reconciled but in that period of time I showed him, my family and most of all myself that I could be independent and provide for my daughter and build self esteem that I never had by excelling at this job.

In the three years I have been there, they have given me more responsibilities than is typically afforded to people in my original position. I started out as a receptionist and then they started trusting me confidential material, then information technology billing and coding and then it became monitoring indirect spending and our corporate wireless account. So yes, I’m excited for her to have those same opportunities that I was given that are leading me to this amazing opportunity at the university.

I’m so nervous but I really cannot wait. I’m scared but I am excited. I’m going to get myself a nice new blouse and do my hair nice and do my nails and go in fresh. Non-smoking. Starting a new job. Starting a new chapter.

Come on 30th – let’s close on this house!!!

New. Exciting. That is all.


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