I think a change would do you good…

My inner monologue:

Am I really about to do this? Make a move from my comfort zone into something new? I’m really going to miss the banter that is a daily thing here. Am I really training somebody new? (Ok so fine she isnt new… she has been here part time since she covered for me on maternity leave and hung out part time after that.) Is tomorrow the last day I’ll really get to use that super new and cool Flavia coffee machine that we’re demo’ing? I’ll miss my boss. This is familiar. This is my familiar place. This is what I’m used to – this is where I’ve been growing and changing. What about the Christmas party? I really like our Christmas Parties – we always have an open bar and have a great time. I have to. Maybe the University will be exciting? Maybe I’ll grow there too? I know this is the right thing to do, the happy thing to do.

Tomorrow is my last day… how scary…


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