Sunday Brunch and the Decision against Zebra Print Dishes

Ok so, we are moving into our new house on the 30th, the day we close, and we have decided on most of the paint colors for the house. The kitchen, we settled on a sage green for the kitchen. The bottom half of the kitchen is white chair rail and a white paneling. We really both like the sage green idea, but we also love modern… I thought these zebra print dishes would make the room still seem modern and not so “just green”… We decided on chrome accents and we currently have a blue set of dishes, which we got from our wedding registry – it’s time to update with the new house… I fell in love with this dish set, I thought it would make the room super modern and funky – I like funky stuff. As my husband sat across the room after brunch I sent him the link on GoogleTalk and he gasped in horror.

“What? You don’t like the dishes?”

“For our kitchen??…like to eat off of??”

“Um.. yes?”

“No way! Uh-uh. Zebra print?!”

“Sure, why not?”

“Because…it’s zebra print… and the kitchen is…green!?”

And that was how zebra printed dishes got vetoed today. It’s so unfair! I think they’re awesome and you can tell my husband is completely void of taste. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch and the Decision against Zebra Print Dishes

  1. I bought some Zebra dishes back in 2004 I absolutley loved them they did brighten up a dull kitchen, later in 2006 I married a brit and came to England to live .. so I was selling my dishes, and a mozsaic artist bought them to break for art.. I miss those dishes where did you find these I want them!1 or do you know what brand they were..

    1. I found this set online at – cant find it in the store but they had them in stock.. Hubby is a definite no go on the zebra print dishes but I love them…really! I wish I was talented enough to do mosaic art – some of it can be absolutely stunning and bring so much color to a house… your dishes made a piece of art very unique! πŸ™‚

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