Eleven Days

AAFJ001047Eleven days until we close on our house.  We are getting down to the final details in the paperwork for closing on our house on the 30th. There are so many hoops you have to jump through for the FHA loan program it’s crazy. They have definitely tightened up the requirements for loans. We are getting excited, picking out paint, planning a paint-party where we supply pizza and beer and everyone comes over, grabs a brush and paints….and…filling out more paperwork than we will ever fill out in our lives.

A day has yet to go by where I have not communicated with my lender, my lenders assistant, his processor, our real estate agent (who also happens to by my aunt) and other such family members about favors for things that need to be done on the house.

The new roof is finally on. They did an architectural style, without us having to ask, which thrills the hell out of me as it looks gorgeous! One less thing I need to worry about.  Today we pulled the plug on scheduling the appraisal so we have a fighting chance of getting it done and receiving the final documentation for it before the 30th. Very important.

Things are going fairly smooth and there isn’t a lot left to do on our end besides faxing papers back and forth, dropping off originals and holding our breath.

Eleven more days… and we so are not even packed. We need to get off our lazy asses and start getting into some hardcore packing and stop making excuses and being lazy. I hate packing. We moved into this townhouse with the intention of living there for a good long time… exactly one year later, we’re moving again. I’m so tired of moving… Anyone want to come over and pack for me? 🙂


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