Maybe things do happen for a reason…

question_mark_in_thought_bubble02In 2003, a year after my husband and I started dating, my husband went to the ER for chest pains and pressure in his head, which we later find out (in 2009!!!!) was a major tooth infection  causing all of that mess. He didn’t have insurance at the time but we felt it was worth it to go to the hospital and get checked out.  The bills poured in and he was steadily paying on it for a year.  Got the balance down to a reasonable amount then lost his job. It went to court and then a judgment was filed against him and his credit report to boot.

Fast forward to the birth of our son, I was on short term disability so I qualified for a charity grant from the hospital to apply towards all of our collective medical bills, little did I know that the charity grant went in retrospect and paid off 80% of the remaining balance on my husbands court judgment from 2004 until I received a letter stating so.


Fast forward again to us buying a house, the lender calls and tells me that small remaining balance must be paid before closing. The judgment has to be completely paid prior to closing – in 9 days.

Thank GOD that grant went in retrospect and paid 80% of the balance or else we would not be closing in 9 days… because we would not have been able to pay that amount in such short notice.

Maybe things do happen for a reason…

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