Packing Fools.

We are packing like crazy this weekend, ok well, not right now, we had dinner and we are having a really hard time getting re-motivated you could say.

As of right now we have one corner of our apartment stacked up 6 feet high with packed boxes…our daughter is wearing a bumble bee costume, while we all watch Monsters Inc.

Yes, we seem to be incredibly productive, right?

We planned our meals for the rest of the week based on what we have left in the house, we’re trying to eat and use up all of the food in the house before we move so we can just do a grocery trip when we get to the house. I think we’ll manage, there’s plenty, but that just means that somebody must remain motivated enough to actually cook when we get home in the evenings.

Somebody yell at me, somebody tell me to turn the radio on and go pack… somebody tell me to get away from this blog and go finish packing, we move in 6 days. We close on our house in 6 freeeeeaaaking days and we’re still not ready.

I hate moving, all the moves we’ve had in the past have started out something like this…

“Oh, look at all of this stuff, we’re going to organize these into sections, pack them with packaging paper, all nice and neat, oooooh looky, I’ll use this label maker and it will be all nice…”

A few days before moving day…

“Son of a bitch, throw this in a box, I don’t know where the fuck this goes?? Do you?? No! Throw it in the box with the shower curtains and bath mats…!!”

Yeah…that’s a pretty accurate timeline..


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