The Secret Room

We had to go over to the new house today to meet with my husbands Uncle Mike, who is an electrician, to look at running some wiring in the house. The current owners, who are really nice, had already moved all of their furniture out and it was the first time we had seen the house without any furniture in it.

There is a very large unfinished basement, with one section of the basement that we’re going to finish and the other side has the heating/cooling units and such and the workbench and the washer dryer, etc.. then there is this room that was packed to rafters with storage boxes and fishing stuff. Well, I  didn’t realize how large the space really was until it was empty.

I have an office!!! A Craft space!! My own office. I forfeited the fourth bedroom for Robert to have his own office since I spend most of my time on the laptop. I have a list of all of the things I’m going to do to that room, in order. Now don’t forget the space is about 4ft by 7ft. It’s a small space, but we are going to build a desk in the far end, there are already shelves in two sections, AND a safe in the wall…

And a….. wait for it….. wait for it……….

An antique ice grinder on the wall..

I… I mean…. WE couldn’t be more excited! 🙂


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