And we’re sold…

soldAs of Friday, October 30th 2009 – after much hassle and stress. We purchased our first house. We bought the cutest Craftsman style Bungalow built in 1935. We woke up bright and early, headed out to the city where our credit union is located to await for the (very late) final number needed to close on the loan.

Phone calls were exchanged, our closing time came and went, and then finally, the phone rang while lounging by the water cooler at our credit union. We grabbed the cashier’s check and ran to the title company in a flash.

We pull into the parking lot and Robert looks over at me and says “Wow, I think I’m having cold feet..

I reply with. “What the hell? Why?” in a joking manner.

Gee, I don’t know, big decisions.” and I replied with the same thing every woman whose ever been married has said at least one time in their life. “Honey,  everyone gets cold feet in the middle of a major decision.

We went inside, signed our life away on the dotted line – and suddenly, we were different.

Suddenly, we were no longer the struggling teenager and twenty something who could barely feed themselves. Suddenly, we were no longer the people who spent money with reckless abandon.

Suddenly, we were responsible adults with two children, though people have been telling us that for the last couple years,  but for the first time we actually believed it.



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