God Hates Fags dot Com? Really?

I know you all know who I’m talking about.

There is a protest in St. Louis, near Northwest High School going on tomorrow by this Westboro Baptist Church.

These ‘rebels’ protest gays, transgendered,military personnel of any kind… you freaking name it. They spout off about their right to protest, their right to freedom of speech…and yet, they protest the funerals of our fallen soldiers, the very people who fight to defend their right to say those words. How unreal.

These people know nothing about what it means to be Christ-like. Now, I make no claims to being a religious guru or a spiritual guide, but I’m pretty sure God, and Jesus Christ alike, would be disgusted to see their good names used as daggers towards people He allegedly created in his image in the first place…

Thankfully, they are staging a counter protest to support our troops and help encourage equal rights between all humans.

Westboro Baptist Church knows nothing about what it means to be Christian. I’d consider them more-so a cult than a religious group. I hate to see them continue to chip away at the good name of ya know, God and Jesus. Probably isn’t smart because Hell’s no resort in the Bahamas…at least I don’t think. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

First of all,  how do any of these so-called “Christians” know what God or Jesus was thinking, how these deities may or may not feel?  Have they met them? The Bible is a work of man, not the words of any deity. Just saying. Unless you’ve met the big man personally, shut your mouth and quit pretending like you know some otherworldly or celestial secrets from the universe. Go home, watch some reality tv amd shut your damn mouth.

Being a straight, non-religious woman, who is actively trying to promote equal rights amongst all humans, I am absolutely disgusted to see this kind of hatred still existing in our society today.  Haven’t we evolved? Haven’t we come to a higher plane of understanding when it comes to human evolution?

There is a church in Maplewood, MO that has a sign out front that says “Whatever you are, whoever you are – you’re welcome here!” That’s Christianity, if there has to be a definition for it.

Gay marriage? Who cares, doesn’t affect you. Gays? Who cares, doesn’t affect you. Hate war? Talk to the fanatical terrorists who do nothing but think and meticulously plan to kill us on a daily basis. You live with hate against others or hide behind that mask of “Hate the sin, not the sinner.” It’s all one in the same. You either accept people or you don’t. Period.  Saying “I don’t agree with homosexuality, I don’t agree with that lifestyle, but I don’t actively condemn them either.” You might as well.  Hateful words don’t need to fall off of your lips to portray what is really going on in your head.

Equality and the EQUAL right to pursue opportunities and EQUAL freedoms. Why are we still acting like cave men? Time to grow up, America, and accept everyone.  While you’re at it, think about heading down tomorrow to the peaceful counter protest, support our troops and support equal rights amongst all humans, races, orientations!


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