Tis the Season…for land acquisitions?

It’s the time of year where I get to take a small break from my Seasonal Depression Disorder and enjoy the Holidays. My kiddo is off school for the next two weeks and the baby boy is finally over his cold almost.

I’m going to spend some much needed time cleaning up the house and trying to get some things on the walls I’ve been neglecting. Maybe at some point I will even go down and work on clearing out the little storage room I’m going to use as a craft room.

The state is re-doing a major roadway that comes past my house. My street will become a cul de sac, which is a perk, but the cross street needs to be re-done so they need to tear up my side yard and remove my three trees on the south side of my property. They sent a lawyer out to begin negotiations with us,ย  and the $ they are offering to have my whole side yard potentially tore up, doing construction outside my bedroom window and re-doing the slope that will render my side yard completely useless to landscaping….. NOT TO MENTION, remove the shady trees that provide cover in the summer time from the heat that keep my cooling bills lower… They must be out of their minds. They are removing a city icon, a restaurant my uncle owns, to widen this roadway. It’s so frustrating to lose pieces of our towns history for roadway construction.

Either way, dealing with this over the holidays has not been ideal but I’m trying to focus on the exciting parts of this season. The first Christmas in our first house.. We went out and cut down our own tree, put up lights on our house outside for the first time. Lots of firsts this year… Lots of new exciting things…


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