Christmas Eve is for Dachshunds

As I sit here trying to bring together my thoughts on what I want to say – the dachshund in my lap is licking at my hands and surely wanting me to pet him instead of type on the computer.

There is something that used to be so magical as a child about Christmas… it was so looked forward to and it was so exciting. There was no day of the year more exciting than Christmas Eve. Anxiety for children. Ha-ha.

But now… it’s not so magical, it’s stressful. Seriously. Hurry up and wrap all of these presents, struggle with getting the kids to bed and getting the house in order for the remainder of the holiday.

I received a rather extravagant gift from my husband this year. He bought me a pair of diamond earrings that are absolutely gorgeous… nothing I would have ever expected or asked for something so over-the-top… but I guess he felt that I deserved them. A very sweet gift that I was so lucky to be able to open on Christmas Eve so I can wear them on Christmas Day. 🙂

Well, I guess there is magic in Christmas for me still now that I think about.

There is magic in my sons eyes when pulls open one little corner of a present to see a toy poke through and then he slowly pulls off little tiny bits of paper and hands them to anyone close by. There is magic in the shape of my daughter’s mouth when she looks at the dreadful rainy sky and yells out to her dad and I struggling to get the bags from Round One out of the car… “Daddy… I think I see Rudolph! I think it’s Santa’s Sleigh!…. We need to go to bed fast!!!!”…

There is a certain magic to all of this.

Our first christmas in our first house.

Our sons first Christmas where he is old enough to understand what is going on instead of a wriggly little infant like last year.

And of course… our first year with this annoying little Dachshund that we love so much.. Haha!

Merry Christmas to all!

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