Trying to force the connection…

I’ve had this couple, as an acquaintance, for many years, barking up my tree – “Oh, when are you and Robert going to come over?”… “When can we do lunch?”… “Maybe you can bring your kids over and we can make a date of it.”… “Maybe our girls can have a sleepover! Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!”. This couple has been married for a few years and have two daughters of their own close in age around my oldest daughter.

All of these things sound delightful in theory. Really, they do. A night out with another adult couple, socializing and possibly having liquor involved whilst our children entertain each other. A match made in heaven right?


This couple is perfectly nice, we are always nice, always pleasant – but I will always find a reason to blow them off.

Call me petty but after spending time with this couple before, I really can’t mesh with them. We have very little in common and the conversation has always been extremely awkward. The wife in question doesn’t seem to be bothered by it but it is only a matter of time before she snaps and asks me why I’m blowing her off.  What is the right thing to do? Doing nothing might be the most polite thing to do, really.  Again, the wife in question, is overly sensitive and every time she sees me post on another friends Facebook (damnitt, it’s a curse!) about doing lunch or going out, etc, she pops up in chat requesting that we make plans for a weekend when I don’t have plans with one of my girlfriends or household projects.

I’ve recently adapted the excuse that since we have now moved across state lines that it is a lot harder for me to get away for an evening. She understands this and it seemed to alleviate the tension for a while – but then it starts back up again.

How do you go about trying to keep the peace with somebody when there is no real connection, nothing in common and only awkward conversation? We cannot force a connection where there isn’t one, right?

Till next time. I’ll be hiding in Saskatchewan (Yes, Rachel, Saskatchewan, I’m stealing your hiding place.). My cell phone probably won’t have service. Probably no computer access, so no e-mails or chat. Address you ask? Saskatchewan has no addresses, anywhere, you just go there to hide and people can’t find you… Really, or so I’ve been told.


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