Today, a terrible thing happened in St. Louis. An armed gun men entered a local business and shot and killed four people and wounded several others. One of the 4 that were killed was a guy from my town. How unbelievable is it that some man angry with the company over a fucking pension plan and a pay reduction – would walk into a business and kill INNOCENT people that had absolutely nothing to do with his financial problems or his career issues that should have been taken up with HR and not by shedding blood. I do not doubt that this man was in mental duress but I will never understand how a person can consciously make a decision to do something like this. There simply must be some conscious planning and thought behind this that has nothing to do with depression – it has to do with revenge for your own misfortunes being taken out by spilling the blood of the innocent.

I will never understand it and I myself have battled with both severe depression and financial issues and I never got a gun and shot anyone. I get that there are varying degrees of mental illness and that every situation is different but I do not believe for one second that somebody without a history of mental illness or depression does something like that simply because they are suddenly mentally ill.

A pissed off coward is what he was – and like a coward after killing those innocent people, including a 27 year old man who was in the prime of his life, he turned the gun on himself. I have very little sympathy for him or his situation. I have sympathy for peoples situations who go out into the world and wear sandwich boards with their resumes plastered all over it begging for work from noon to night. I have sympathy for people who have to move in with family members because the economy has bent them over. I have sympathy for people who go on TV and talk about how a company has screwed them to draw attention to their situation.

Not murder innocent people. You won’t hear “My god, he must have been so sad and depressed…” from me. An absolute tragedy…


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