Bottoms up!

Today I got the first set of possibly several injections into my spine in my bottom disc (L5) in my back.

I work for a medical school and working here we get special benefits to go to see the doctors within our institution. They go out of their way to only provide procedures and services that are covered by the insurance that our company provides. After this problem with my back has been going on since November and has not gotten, really, any better I decided to get referred to (a friggin’ in network doctor, thanks Dr. E – previous chiropractor – for referring me to doctors that are out of network and never calling me back when I asked you to refer me to an in-network doctor) a pain management specialist here at my job.

Today was my first injection. I guess I didn’t do my homework like I normally do… I thought I was going to be in and out and on my way…oh no no, I had to scrub down into a hospital gown and booties. I left my bra and undies on under the gown – they had to wheel me in and out of a mini operating room to do this injection.

Guess who got to help out!? An adorable and funny resident doctor. Yep…you guessed it. He got to see and fondle my bare ass while they sanitized the area around the site of the injection (uhh hello, my tailbone!). UNREAL. I am completely embarrassed and they are talking shop over my naked ass. Excellent. Really.

Today was a very interesting day. ย To say the least.


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