Constitution…Meet the trash can.

\”I Was Sent to Fake Prom\”

Constance, yes you know who I’m talking about, the gay girl who was not allowed to attend the prom with her girlfriend fought long and hard to be allowed to attend after the school cancelled.

Finally after petitioning courts and gathering supporters, Constance and a handful of other minorities and “clique” rejects from her high school were sent to  fake prom while the real prom was carefully orchestrated by parents and held at another secret location, to which Constance, her girlfriend,  and these other minorities were not invited.

Constitution, meet trash can.

Is this what our country has boiled down to? Where we are so divided by other peoples decision making regardless of the fact that their decisions do not affect us in any way shape or form — that we need to remove them from our “melting pot”… Lies. Our country is trying to raise accepting and tolerant children regardless of their beliefs. If somebody doesn’t agree with homosexuality – fine – don’t be homosexual. Don’t force our children to grow up in such hatred that they know nothing else. Where the hell do we draw the line? What next? Women’s voting rights getting revoked? Prohibition 2.0? I thought we were a progressive country.

Oh, you think the school had nothing to do with this?

Wrong. They most certainly did, they most assuredly spoke to the PTA parents involved who threw the secret prom and told them all that ‘they’, the school, could not be involved for fear of being dragged into a federal courtroom for discrimination and for unconstitutional conduct, but “Hey, if you parents want to throw a super secret prom elsewhere, it might work out in our favor”… I’m sure they had their hands in it more than anyone thinks.

I thought we were better than this. Apparently, we are reverting to breeding segregation and intolerance back into our children and our communities. America, I thought we were better than this.


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